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How It All Began

July 15, 2010

On February 6, 2007 my life changed forever. Well, ok, it was really Jan 21st, but we got confirmation on Feb 6th.  😉  That’s not too much information, right? Anyway, I came down the stairs, shaking, and peaked my head out into the garage where my husband was busy organizing (for those that have seen our garage, you’re probably LOL right now). “I’m pregnant.” A huge smile broke across his face. We eagerly shared the news with our families that evening. I was 4.5 weeks pregnant. 35.5 weeks to go.

The pregnancy was planned however I hadn’t given one thought to how I was going to get that baby out. Everyone I knew gave birth in a hospital, with an epidural (well, except for my mom, but she birthed my sister and me when epidurals were first arriving on the scene and they just weren’t too popular in “hippie” California back in the late 70’s/early 80’s). A few had emergency c-sections. I hoped I wouldn’t.

I didn’t work while I was pregnant and spent A LOT of time on the Babycenter Birth Boards. Somehow I happened upon some posts about natural childbirth. My analytical nature got the best of me and I started doing all the research I could on birthing a child WITHOUT an epidural.

A few books on the subject were recommended over and over. So on 3/26/07 I headed over to Amazon and bought three: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (my personal favorite), The Birth Book and Birthing From Within.

When they arrived, I DEVOURED them. I absolutely fell in love with the birth stories that fill the first half of Ina May’s book. What a far cry they were from the births I had witnessed on any TV show or in any movie. I wanted that type of birth. Natural, no drugs, trusting my body and that God made it to give birth, allowing childbirth to be a ‘rite of passage’. I didn’t want to be a martyr. I just wanted to feel things as they were intended. I didn’t want the pain. But I wanted the benefits of a natural birth, both for me and my unborn child. The thought that the pain of childbirth serves a purpose – that there is value in feeling everything (and embracing it) was completely contrary to everything I’d ever heard about giving birth. But I’ve come to believe it and deeply desire to share that with every woman I can.

Question for you . . . If you are a supporter of Natural Childbirth (drug-free), why do/did you want a natural birth?

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  1. July 15, 2010 6:02 AM

    Ina May Gaskin is AMAZING. Next baby, I WILL have a NCB-and a VBAC!

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