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Building My Faith

August 25, 2010

I’ve really struggled with what to write today. I’ve thought about tackling the fear-pain cycle. Or linking you to this funny clip and giving my thoughts on it. But I’m thinking I need to go somewhere spiritual now.

It’s now several hours later and I’ve been sitting at the computer for half an hour trying to write what I’ve been thinking about all day. (Why can’t I be near my computer or a pen and paper when these great thoughts pop up? Instead I’m in a rush to get dinner on the table or sitting in the rocker nursing my youngest.) It just keeps coming out wrong.

Finally. Another hour later and I think it came out as it should have. To God be the glory.

Photo Credit: David Campbell

Experiencing childbirth without drugs gave me an incredible opportunity to build my faith in God and draw closer to Him. I didn’t seek Him out of fear. I recognized that He designed my body to give birth to the child He put there. I wanted Him and only Him to be my strength through the experience.

But it was more than that. It was an opportunity for me to worship my Creator. While I was pregnant I sang my heart out as I listened to Christian radio or we worshiped in church, imagining the day I would give birth to my child. I listened to songs like “God With Us”, “Jesus Messiah“, “Mighty To Save” and “The Revelation Song” in the days that led up to my birth and even while I was in labor. It’s really amazing to fully experience the power of God through birth and to worship Him in the process. Especially because birth is made out to be something to be feared in our society.

I didn’t want to MEDICATE the pain away. I wanted to MEDITATE through the pain.

I was amazed that God would allow me – insignificant me – to be a part of something so miraculous as bringing a new life into the world. I didn’t want to medicate the pain away. I wanted to meditate through the pain. I wanted Jesus and I got Him. I wanted God to be glorified and He was.

Motherhood is so hard. Harder than you ever thought it could be. Starting my journey by relying on God alone to see me through childbirth and worshiping Him in the process was perfect. Because, in reality, this is exactly what I have to do on a regular basis, as I seek to parent my children in a way that would honor God. My choice to have a natural birth built my faith in Him and taught me how to worship Him even when circumstances are tough.

I kept thinking that the pain and hardship I was to endure through labor was NOTHING compared to that which Christ suffered while here on earth or the pain God feels daily as we turn from Him. I’m so thankful God allowed me this experience. It has been an amazing source of strength for me.

If you don’t know God personally and you want to, I encourage you to check out THIS site. Or, please, feel free to contact me personally at

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  1. August 28, 2010 9:42 PM

    This is a really, really cool post, Christy.


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