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In A Nutshell

November 23, 2010

Back to the party! Wondering where (the heck) I’ve been?! Well, I’ve been . . .

  • busy reading everyone else’s blogs. Some of my favorites ~ Passionate HomemakingSortaCrunchyInspired to ActionAll Things Hendrick (The story of one family in HAITI)Nothings and Notions from my Noodle, to name a few.
  • reading a ton of books, like all those listed on the right side of this page (yeah, over there —> go down a bit)
  • having my world rocked and heart changed as I read through Radical (which I might add is only $5.50 at Amazon right now).
  • trying to be a more competent homemaker. I’m Maximizing My Mornings, keeping my house cleaner and neater than ever before and ensuring we eat more Real Food (which has meant more cooking in the last month than I’ve done in the last four years combined – probably).
  • giving my kids more attention which has involved chasing around a newly-upwardly-mobile-one-year-old (and saving him from disastrous falls off numerous pieces of furniture) and figuring out how to parent a child who is MUCH different from my extremely laid-back firstborn. I’m not saying the ‘s’ word yet but I’m pretty sure that’s the path we’re headed down. What’s the ‘s’ word? I can’t say it. So for now we’ll just call him ‘determined’. I haven’t opened Grace Based Parenting yet but am hopeful that I will find some answers in there.
  • working on my marriage. Having two young kids is challenging, isn’t it? They take all my emotional energy and I find myself with not much left for my wonderful (beyond-wonderful) husband. So, I’m making a concerted effort to not only be a better mom, but be a better wife. Watching the movie Fireproof was a beautiful (new) start for us.
  • thinking about a million different topics to blog about and starting but never finishing several new posts. Stay tuned because I’m going to start blogging (again) about all-things-motherhood-related tomorrow when you can eaves drop on a conversation I had with my dental hygienist (yes, you read that right) about pregnancy, birth and babies.
  • and I’ve been busy on the pureMotherhood Facebook page too. If you haven’t joined our community of almost 500! head over there now.

So, what have you been up to?

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